Creator Badge Requirements and Rules

Approval Process

Approval is at the discretion of LootFest staff.
Your application must meet our specific requirements, which include but are not limited to our requirements below.

The Requirements

  • Badges are only good for the expo but bundles and after party passes may be sold separately.
  • Creator badges can not be refunded for money or transferred. Yeah people still try this scam. 
  • No additional badges or discounts will be given to your media team or partner or cat or mother in law.... no extra badges will be given.
  • Active Tiktok, Facebook Gaming and Twitch Partners will receive one creator badge... you earned it.
  • On your Main Platform, you must hold a minimum of 10,000 Followers on TikTok or Instagram, 7500 Followers on Facebook or Twitter (X) or 3000 Followers on Twitch, Kick or Youtube. Sorry we don't know the solid matrix for OnlyFans... my bee.
  • You must still actively be a creator or influencer to be eligible.
  • You must like the green, YOU DON'T HAVE TO LOVE IT! You just can't hate it.
  • You must post on all your social media one of the "I'm Going" images attached in your approval email. Yes we do check ... ok not really but please do it.
  • You will strongly encourage your fans, followers, community, or cult (You know who you are.....) to attend LootFest and stay at Sheraton!
  • You agree to allow us to use any photos or videos or live footage post from now until June 30th 2025 which is related to your coming, attending, going, excitement, or general time in Fort Worth, TX during LootFest for marketing. We need your clout.... we are honest. Thanks!
  • You will be open to host a meet and greet during a specific time slot with your fans.
  • Meeting all the requirements for a badge does not guarantee you a media or content creator pass. They are limited but we still love you. 
  • By applying for a media or content creator badge, you agree to LootFest sharing your contact information submitted in step one with the exhibitors/Sponsor at LootFest.
  • You agree to remain cute af, cause you cute af.

Transparency Rules

Private pages or inaccessible content will be denied.
Pages with incorrect or misleading information will be denied

By clicking below you have read and agree to all that you meet all the requirements